The Bream Creek Wine Clubs

We offer multiple Wine Clubs, all of which feature absolute flexibility as well as other on!

A great way of tasting a wide range of our wines and ensuring you have priority access to all of our wines (including small batch and limited releases) is by joining one of our Wine Clubs below! When you join you'll receive the following:

  • A discount (either 10% or 20%) off our website prices on your selected wine deliveries as well as on all other wine orders from us!
  • Free shipping Australia wide on all of your selected wine deliveries as well as on all other wine orders from us!
  • Priority access to reserve and other limited release wines!
  • A special gift from us on each anniversary of you joining one of our Wine Clubs!

More information is below, including important terms and conditions.

Wine Club Pack Size

Your choice - either 6 or 12 bottles!

Wine Club Pack Preferences

Your choice - you can change the bottles in your pack as much as you want, or let us act as your sommelier! Select from just Red wines, just White Wines or the ever popular Mixed option (which allows you to choose anything!)

Wine Club Pack Frequency

Your choice - either every 3 months (March, June, September and December) or every 6 months (June and December)!

Important Information for Wine Club members:

  • As of today (10 May 2022), we are currently sold out of Pinot Rosé, Sparkling Rosé, Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Merlot! Also, we will likely sell out of Sauvignon Blanc and Estate Pinot Noir by the end of May 2022! Now the good news is our new vintages/batches of each of these wines are in production and will be available as soon as possible. However, in order to preserve our consistent wine quality, we cannot take any short cuts in our production process – so realistically it is unlikely that these wines will be ready for release for the early June Wine Club shipments.Thus, we’ll be delaying the early June 2022 Wine Club shipments until mid to late July 2022. Not only will this allow us sufficient time to ensure that these “sold-out” wines are back in stock, it will also allow Wine Club members priority access to our 2021 Estate Pinot Noir, limited edition 2020 Reserve Pinot Noir and our equally limited edition 2021 Reserve Chardonnay!
  • Wine Club orders are generally processed and sent around the first day of the shipment (for example, March shipments are sent out around 1 March 2021) with the exception of the December shipment, which for freight reasons is processed and sent out in the second half of November. If you join after the shipment date, and you wish to receive that shipment, please email us here so we can manually process your order.
  • Please understand that, while you may select specific wines when you sign up to our Wine Club, these wines may have sold out, or have rolled to a new vintage, by the time your Wine Club shipment is ready to send. We'll let you know when we've updated your order with the most recent/available wines, and you will have total control over the individual wines in you shipment.
  • If you already have Portal (account) access and would like to join our Wine Club, please ensure you log into your Portal first, and then click on the "Wineclub" link on the left hand side to join your selected Wine Club and make your selection.
  • If you wish to order outside of your regular Wine Club shipment dates, simply log in to your Portal and purchase the wines normally through the "our Wines" link - provided you are logged in, your Wine Club benefits will apply to any purchase.
  • Finally, we have written instructions available for updating your Wine Club selection and for updating your credit card. If you would like a copy of these instructions, or have any questions, please contact Rafe on 0412 112 500 or by email here.
Join the Bream Creek Wine Club! Join the Bream Creek Wine Club!

Join the Bream Creek Wine Club!