Vintage 2022 is underway!

Vintage started for us on Monday 28 March 2022, when we picked grapes for our sparkling wines – a little later than we expected or is usual. Such a late start to vintage was not unexpected, as this has been the coolest, cloudiest, and most unpredictable season I can recall since about 1992. Even though the official records are telling us we had close to average summer temperatures, from a “grapevines perspective” this is a bit misleading. We had a series of nights with well above average temperatures which have “distorted” the statistics. I suspect this resulted from a strong easterly weather pattern (like much of the east coast of Australia), carrying high humidity, and only “moderate” daytime temperatures, and above average nighttime temperatures due to increased cloud cover. Just a theory!!

With such a mild season we are seeing enhanced flavours and slightly higher skin to juice ratios – all the precursors for a high-quality season. Yields are generally very modest due to the slightly lower bunch and berry sizes. I think we shall see some very smart wines from this somewhat unusual and testing season!

Cheers, Fred