Vintage 2020 - Some Reflections

Despite the COVID19 situation, our grapes still needed to be picked! With a ready supply of hand sanitizer and gloves, appropriate social distancing and a great deal of patience we made it through, finishing with the picking of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot on Wed 29thApril . It may come as no surprise to you, given the world in which we we currently live, that 2020 was the most challenging vintage I have experienced since 2002.

Our season commenced under very dry conditions - to the extent of irrigating some blocks before budburst. Spring was exceptionally windy and cold, so early flowering varieties such as chardonnay and some early blocks of pinot noir did not set very well – in some cases down by 40%. Later varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot set more strongly resulting in much better crop levels.

January was closer to average conditions, then we fell into a windy, cool February when we started to get more frequent showers which continued through our autumn harvest season. Quite rare these days to be picking grapes and have green grass halfway up ones shins!!

As is common in the “tougher” seasons, there are some exquisite batches of wine as a result. We are eagerly following them through the winemaking process and reckon we shall have some rather special wines to present as a result!

Cheers, Fred